Nina from PaleoNaturals will be joining us tomorrow morning for a tasting event due to mechanical issues with their van on Saturday.  Food will be avaialable for tasting throughout the day.
Learn about custom meal plans, weekly deliveries, and the frozen meals and pre-made snacks currently stocked at Full Potential.
Monday September 10, 2018
A1) Handstand Hold Against Wall:
:30-:60 Hold x 4 Sets
Modify with Feet on Box
A2) Strict Knee to Elbow:
5-10 Reps x 4 Sets; Rest 2min.
B) Close Grip Bench Press: 15 minutes to a Heavy Triple
C) Core Circuit:
3 Rounds Not For Time:
4 Alt. TGUs
20 Quadruped Shoulder Taps (Knees or Toes)
:30 Plank on Elbows
:30 Side Plank each side
20 Frog Pumps
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