5 Rounds for Time

10 Cal Airbike

10 Single Arm DB Push Press each Arm

10 Candlesticks



75 Power Snatches for Time (75/55)

randyRandy Simmons, 51, was the first LAPD SWAT officer to be killed in the line of duty as a result of an eleven hour hostage standoff in Winnetka, CA.  Randy had a great career in law enforcement and he did great things in the community in which he took an oath to protect and serve.

The man behind the badge was a true hero, a positive role model and a constant mentor for “at risk” youth.

Randy had a huge heart that was filled with love, faith, hope, commitment, loyalty and trust.  He committed his life to things of God and extended his hands to the less fortunate.  He was particularly passionate about helping children in low income neighborhoods.  He believed that if enough people volunteered a little time to mentoring kids that it would change the behavior and attitudes of children, thus providing hope for a brighter future.

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