Congratulations to everyone who did the Open workouts this year.  Inspiring performances every week and lots of PRs.  Take the lessons you learned and build off of them for next year!

A big congrats to our boy Jack Barry on finishing 38th in the Northeast.  A big improvement from last year.  We’re all proud of you!

Thorisdottir and Fraser Win the 2015 Open


4 Sets:

8-10 DB Row each arm

8-10 Hip Extension (barbell for fitness/GHD for performance)


4 Rounds:

2:30 Row for Cals

2:30 AMRAP of:

5 Burpees

10 Box Jumps

50 Single Unders

CrossFit Total Make-Ups will be happening all day, during each class.  Get in to re-test!

Nobody picks on a strong man.

Charles Atlas
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