4 Sets
8-10 Floor Press
12-15 Shoulder Bridges
4 Sets
8-10 Floor Press
10-12 GH Raises
16 Minute EMOM
Odds: 1 Length Bear Crawl or OH Walking Lunge
Evens: Row 1 Minute
16 Minute EMOM
Odds: 1-2 Rope Climbs
Evens: 15 Slam Balls 40/30


Thought for the Day:

Ideas are the beginning of all achievement ~ Bruce Lee


Get a team from your gym and join us at CrossFit Five Plus for a fun day!Stay up to date by joining our event on Facebook.Your day will involve 3 workouts and one team “skill” event. It will be fun, guaranteed! Did we mention there will be prizes! All you need is one badass team of 3 ladies.You can all be from different gyms, don’t have to be affiliated, just come ready to have fun! We also ask if you could wear some sort of “pink” on you. Athletes wear glitter, tutu’s, have hiliarious team names, and some really outrageously fun outfits!$30 from each team gets donated to the local charity
Miss Pink Pageant

Date: April 11 2015
Time: 9am-5pm
Location: CrossFit Five Plus
Prizes: Yup! Prizes for the top three teams

Tank Top Registration deadline: March 27th
Event Registration deadline: April 6th

Divisions: Rx’d Only
Teams of 3 Ladies
Registration: $210 per team. Includes tank top for each teammate, if you register by March 27th. $30 will be donated to a Breast Cancer charity. One person will need to register the team as a whole.

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