A) Shoulders Elevated Single Leg Hip Bridge:
Add Barbell if able to hit full R.O.M.-
4 stes of 12-15 reps/leg @ 2011; Rest :30 b/t legs, :90 bt/ sets
B) For Completion:
a: 3 RFT:
-5 Pullup (C2B for Perf)
-10 Pushup (H.R. for Performance)
-15 Air Squat (Goblet Squat for Performance)
Perf: Row 750m/600m
Fit: Row 600m/500m
A pair of black Nike Air Max size 9.5 were taken from the gym Wednesday night.Ā  If you took them by mistake please let us know as they had custom orthotics in them.
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