Thursday March 22, 2018
A) Strict Press:
Fitness: 5-3-3-3+, rest 2-3 mins
Performance: Behind the Neck Press 7-7-7-7
B) 5 Rounds not for Time:
6 Alternating TGU light
8 Russian Stepups Right
8 Russian Stepups Left
2 Lap Bearhug Sandbag Carry
2min AB/Ski/Row light pace

Image Courtesy of Sarah Dugan / Sarah Marie Studios

Week 4 is in the books, and it was a tough one!  The scaled division got a lot more competitive this week and some new names pushed their way into the Rx leaderboard with the HSPU.  Seriously inspirational performances all around!!

Congrats to Emily Isgur of The Phantoms for being awarded the “Spirit of the Open” award for Week 4.  Emily has pushed her limits every week of the open … her intensity is contagious.  She’s been here extra to judge and to give support for everyone else.  We’re proud of you Emily!! 

The CFFP Majestic Unicorns crushed the leaderboard again this week, but the underdog story goes to Emily and the Phantoms.  After sitting in last place for the past 2 weeks the Phantoms marched to second place overall on the backs of Bryce, Shelby Lynn, and Mike.   With only one top 3 finish this week Schwarzenegger’s Biceps falls to 4th place overall in the standings for the 1st time in the competition.  Don’t forget, there is one more week to the Games Open, but TWO more weeks in the CFFP Open.  There is still time for someone to dehorn the Unicorns … detailed points analysis can be found below:

Overall Scores for Week 4 (Participation+Bonus+Performance):

  1. Majestic Unicorns: 16+18=34
  2. Phantoms: 17+9+5=31
  3. Team Maya: 15+6 =21
  4. Schwarzenegger’s Biceps: 17+3=20


  1. Majestic Unicorns: 152
  2. Phantoms: 123
  3. Schwarzenegger’s Biceps: 119
  4. Team Maya: 115

Performance Scores for 18.4

Top 3 Rx Women:

  1. Addison DesRosiers (Unicorns)
  2. Kathy Woodbury (Unicorns)
  3. Shelby Lynn Hartman (Phantoms)

Top 3 Scaled Women:

  1. Claudia Barcomb (Maya)
  2. Meg Mahoney (Unicorns)
  3. Stephanie Andruskevich (Unicorns) & Angela Walter (Unicorns)

Top 3 Rx Men:

  1. Bryce McKenzie (Phantoms)
  2. Ethan MacDonald (Unicorns)
  3. Geoff Turke (Maya)

Top 3 Scaled Men:

  1. Nate McCraven (Unicorns)
  2. Pete Acton (Biceps)
  3. Mike Bergeron (Phantoms)

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