Week 3 marks the half-way point of our 6-week Open competition.  This week certainly brought some unique challenges to the Open.  Finding a place to complete the workout was not a challenge anyone would have expected. With many people travelling this week and the weather shutting down power all over the region, participation was a huge accomplishment this week.

Shout out to Carrie Denley of Team Schwharzenegger’s Biceps for being awarded the “Spirit of the Open” award for Week 3.  Not only has Carrie been nominated each week, but she went above and beyond in week 3 to get in touch with CrossFit 133 and to help a bunch of our athletes get the workout in.  She is always happy to spend extra time in the gym to judge and cheer on everyone else, and she gives 100% to every workout.  Thank you Carrie! 

The CFFP Majestic Unicorns continue to dominate the overall scoring with a 1st place finish and a total of 118 points over 3 weeks.   Schwarzenegger’s Biceps never stopped grinding and gained a spot in the overall rankings to take 2nd place overall from Team Maya.  Maya, dropping the proverbial tennis ball this week, dropped to 3rd place with the lowest participation score for the 3rd straight week. Despite remaining in 4th place The Phantoms made themselves heard this week, falling just one point short of 1st place in a tie for 2nd with the Biceps to make up some serious ground in the overall points standings … detailed points analysis can be found below:



Overall Scores for Week 3 (Participation+Bonus+Performance):

  1. Majestic Unicorns: 16+12=28
  2. Schwarzenegger’s Biceps: 16+5+6=27

Phantoms: 15+12=27

  1. Team Maya: 12+6 =18


  1. Majestic Unicorns: 118
  2. Schwarzenegger’s Biceps: 99
  3. Team Maya: 94
  4. Phantoms: 92

Performance Scores for 18.3

Top 3 Rx Women:

  1. Addison DesRosiers (Unicorns)
  2. Sarah Fallon (Phantoms)
  3. Katie Fahey (Maya)

Top 3 Scaled Women:

  1. Mariah Kimball (Unicorns)
  2. Meg Mahoney (Unicorns)
  3. Sandy Snyder (Phantoms)

Top 3 Rx Men:

  1. Geoff Turke (Maya)
  2. Ethan MacDonald (Unicorns)
  3. Nicolas Stratton (Biceps)

Top 3 Scaled Men:

  1. Pete Acton (Biceps)
  2. Mike Bergeron (Phantoms)
  3. Joe Reddington (Phantoms)
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