With huge opportunites for scoring this week Team Maya leapt off the blue mat to fetch a 1st Place 56 points and jump two spots in the standings to 2nd Place overall.  Kudos to workout partners Whitney St. John and Melissa Stella for pulling down the “Spirit of the Open” award for Week 2.  Both Whitney and Melissa have pushed themselves to complete both workouts Rx, and have stayed after to help judge, support and cheer on all the competitors. 

The CFFP Majestic Unicorns held onto their overall lead with an impressive 52 points.

Schwarzenegger’s Biceps remain in 3rd place, flexing their muscle over the Phantoms in total points.  What will 18.3 bring?  Will the Phantoms make their song take flight and rise from the shadows of 4th place?  ANYWAY … detailed points analysis can be found below:

Scores for Week 2 (Participation+Bonuses):

  1. Team Maya: 27+24+5= 56
  2. Majestic Unicorns: 31+21= 52
  3. Schwarzenegger’s Biceps: 29+18= 47
  4. Phantoms: 27+12= 39


  1. Majestic Unicorns: 90
  2. Team Maya: 76
  3. Schwarzenegger’s Biceps: 72
  4. Phantoms: 65

Performance Scores for 18.2/18.2a

Top 3 Rx Women:

  1. Addison DesRosiers (Unicorns)/Addison DesRosiers (Unicorns)
  2. Katie Fahey (Maya)/Sarah Fallon (Phantoms)
  3. Meg Mahoney (Unicorns)/Katie Fahey (Maya)

Top 3 Scaled Women:

  1. Lisa Borgatti (Unicorns)/Claudi Barcomb (Maya)
  2. Maureen Murdock (Biceps)/Kristina Misita (Phantoms)
  3. Melanie Stier (Biceps)/Melanie Stier (Biceps)

Top 3 Rx Men:

  1. Bryce McKenzie (Phantoms)/Kevin Pessolano (Maya)
  2. Kevin Pessolano (Maya)/Ethan MacDonald (Unicorns)
  3. Geoff Turke (Maya)/Nicolas Stratton (Biceps)

Top 3 Scaled Men:

  1. Jeff Jbarra (Unicorns)/Ken Carpenter (Biceps)
  2. Mike Hickey (Maya)/Mike Hickey (Maya)
  3. Ken Carpenter (Biceps)/Jeff Jbarra (Unicorns)
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