Monday’s Workout was a great success.  10/10.  Our response has been GREAT!

But seriously, let us know what we can do to improve the experience.

Recording demo videos while boss dog supervises.

Maybe you learned some lessons today … here’s a few tips that might help.

-Stick to your regular workout time.

-Set up the timer on your phone or ipad … the same timer we use at the gym is available for free.  The app is called GymNext Timer … and it rocks!

-Set up your playlist with some motivational music.  BONUS – you can choose what YOU like.  Or you can go with a “Pop Goes Punk” playlist if you miss Geoff.

-Check in with a workout buddy before and after the workout … even if you don’t need the check-in, they might!

-Log your results on SugarWOD, comment or give a fist bump on a friend’s workout.  Have fun with it!

-To access the demo videos, click on the “notes” section below the description in each piece of the workout in SugarWOD


Tuesday’s workout is posted to SugarWOD and ready for action.  Hit me up if you need help accessing it or have any questions.  If you’re not on SugarWOD it is likely that I emailed you a signup link this afternoon!!

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