All you need is a Deck of Cards and to get ready for a GREAT WORKOUT

You can do this challenge anytime between Tuesday 4/13 and Sunday 4/19

You need a deck that includes 2 Jokers. If you don’t have a deck get the kids to help you make one or get the app called “Deck of Cards”

Aces are worth 1, 2’s are 2, etc. Jacks Kings & Queens are worth 10, Jokers are worth 50

The Challenge is FOR TIME

Everyone will complete the same amount of work but the order will be different.

Clubs – Burpees
Diamonds – V Ups
Spades – Push Ups
Hearts – Jumping Air Squats
Joker #1 – 50 Reverse Lunges
Joker #2 – 50 Mtn Climbers

Shuffle the deck before you start, flip the first card. If the first card was a 4 of Clubs you would do 4 Burpees and continue thru the deck. This challenge will be for time using the honor system.

Want to shave off some time??

Every live Zoom class you attend is worth :30 seconds!

Every Workout you log in SugarWOD is worth :15 seconds!Ā  You CAN’T take off for both BUT MULTIPLE CLASSES PER DAY will count as long as they’re different.

1st Place prizeĀ  bag of SFH protein or 3 Meals

2nd PlaceĀ a pint from Riverwalk (when they re-open) plus a t-shirt

3rd Place a pint from Riverwalk when they open

Email your results to Coach Erin


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