Thought for the Day  “Life changes very quickly, in a very positive way, if you let it.”

Lindsey Vonn


Don’t forget that this Saturday at 6pm, Geoff and the MoBros will be hosting their Movember wrap party at Riverwalk Brewing. They’ll have raffles and good times for everyone.  CFFP is not having a formal holiday gathering this year, so we can double dip on this! Bring some holiday cheer, and come support a great cause. Hope to see you there!


Thursday December  5, 2019


A) E2M for 16 min:

Odd: 2 Wall Walk + :30 CFW HS Hold


Even: 5-7 Strict Wtd Pullup + 10% BW



Odd: 5-10 Pike Pushup


Even: 6-10 Pullup w/ Assistance


B) 12 min to complete:

1000m Row

20 Burpee Over Erg

750m Row

15 Burpee Over Erg

500m Row

10 Burpee Over Erg



12 min to complete:

4 rds of:

15/10 Cal AB

12 Burpee

9 SA KB Swing/Arm


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