This Sunday’s Yoga class will be a special event led by Molly Cuddy:

Yin Yoga for Adrenal Fatigue
The adrenal glands become taxed during periods of stress, working long hours, or during major life changes. Does any of this sound familiar, CrossFitters? If you’d like to press the “reset” button on your body join us on Sunday for an hour of focused passive stretching specifically tailored for adrenal fatigue. Yin yoga is imperative for athletic recovery as it offers the opportunity to take you deeper than muscle, down to the fascia and connective tissue as a juicy response to the stress of every day life and workouts. This class is appropriate for anyone with adrenal glands (that’s everybody), no previous yoga experience required. A heavy dose of functional anatomy provided.

Wear layers; long pants, a warm top and bring socks!

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