We’re planning a slight schedule adjustment for Saturday to try to spread the crowd out a bit so we can keep safe social distancing during the workout.  We appreciate all your efforts this week and going forward to wash hands, sanitize your equipment, and keep a safe distance from your fellow members.

This Saturday 3/14/2020 we will run the following schedule:

6am: 1 hour open gym

7am: 1 hour Aerobic-based CrossFit class with Coach Geoff

8am: 1 hour Aerobic-based CrossFIt class with Coach Geoff

9am: 1 hour Traditional Group CrossFit Class with Coach Geoff


We will be in touch with more updates before Monday.  Rest assured that CFFP isn’t going anywhere.  We have a 3-phase plan in place to keep you fit no matter what happens:

PHASE ONE: (current phase) Stay open with increased cleaning, hygiene, communication, etc while running our regular program as detailed in Thursday’s email.  We hope to remain in this phase indefinitely.

PHASE TWO:  If things progress we will need to add strict class-size limits, supplemented with virtual at-home workouts for those home with kids or at a greater health risk.  WODs will be programmed for you by Geoff and Danny, with online access to see demo videos, ask us questions about movement standards, modifications, etc

PHASE THREE:  Our worst-case scenario keeps you working out.  We will continue with virtual coaching for all members to keep our community engaged and fit through this time.


Thanks for being Awesome, and Stay well.

-Your CFFP Staff

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