Classes & Workshops


Classes for Every Need

We offer one of the most robust fitness schedules in the area. Our Group Training program runs seven days per week with multiple class types. Every class is scalable to all levels.

We also have a robust youth program, masters program, and women’s only program. Our head coaches design our programming so that you don’t have to.

Group CrossFit Program

The Group CrossFit Program is our main program. With several class options spanning seven days per week this program offers a professional strength and conditioning program to fit with your busy schedule. We offer weekly and monthly memberships, as well as 10-visit passes and drop-ins. Classes are 60 minutes in duration and open to ages 14 and up.


The staple of our Group CrossFit program is this 60-minute strength and conditioning class. Classes consist of a Warmup and Mobility work, Strength and Skill practice, and a Conditioning workout rooted in high intensity functional movements.


A high-intensity 60-minute bootcamp style class designed to build a bulletproof core while torching body fat. Get lean and mean with TONE Bootcamp.


A 60-minute combo of CrossFit and Bodybuilding with a focus on symmetry, hypertrophy, and pre-beach day PUMPS.


75 Minute sessions with a dedicated coach on the floor to work with you on your mechanics, programming, etc.


Saturday classes are free with Weekly and Monthly CrossFit memberships.  All others must pay a drop-in or use a punch card visit.

6:30am: Coached Open Gym

-75 Minute sessions with a dedicated coach on the floor to work with you on your mechanics, programming, etc.  A great chance to come in and do your own thing outside of class.

8:00am: Partner/Team Bootcamp –

This is our most popular class of the week.  Expect a full-body, multi-segment workout with a healthy dose of teamwork.  This is an all-levels class with a focus on moderate to high intensity functional workouts in a partner or team format.  

9:15am: Skills/Competitive Class
This is a ramped up version of a Group CrossFit class.  Expect dedicated skill time on gymnastic and weightlifting progressions as well as longer and more challenging workouts.  All skills can be modified from intermediate to advanced.


Recovery is where athletes make gains. You can train non-stop, but with proper recovery you’ll get the most from that training. Full Potential’s ACTIVE RECOVERY CLASS is designed to improve your workout recovery in a low-impact setting focusing on three 20 minute blocks:

  • Block One: mobility/fascia work/intention
  • Block Two: midline stability/isometric strength/movement
  • Block Three: flexibility/stretching/mindfulness

Youth Programs

With a background in physical education and youth sports coaching Full Potential Kids was born in 2011 to serve the youth of Greater Newburyport. We offer sports specific and general fitness classes with a focus on educating young athletes on proper movement and recovery principles to help keep them healthy and injury free for the rest of their lives.


This game-based functional fitness class is what every Phys Ed class should be!  Children learn how to properly perform the foundational CrossFit movements under the guidance of a qualified Kids Coach. 


This program consists of two classes per week. Classes include a dedicated warmup, strength/skills session, and conditioning workout. Students learn proper barbell techniques to prepare them for high school and college sports.

Youth Strength and Conditioning – Grades 7th-9th

 This class is a natural progression from our CrossFit Kids program and is packed with plyometrics, speed and agility, and strength training to prepare 7th-9th graders for the demands of club and high school sports.  


For over a decade we have worked with local sports teams and high schools to provide group strength and conditioning programs in our facility or yours. These classes can be sports specific or geared to general athletic preparedness. Some of our satisfied programs include Governors Academy Athletics, Brooks School Soccer, North Shore Fishercats Select Lacrosse, Northeast Hurricanes Softball Club, Middlesex Bears Junior Hockey, Triton High School Football, Triton High School Field Hockey, Pentucket High School Lacrosse, and many more..

Speciality Programs

Full Potential offers several specialty programs throughout the year, ranging from charity workouts, to skill clinics, to separate class programs.


This 6-week Program consists is an All-Inclusive fitness jump-start led by the CrossFit Full Potential female coaching team!

This no-intimidation program includes Goal Setting, 28-Day Lifestyle and Nutrition Challenge Led by in-house Registered Dietician Ginny King, 2-Week Fitness Fundamentals Classes, 4-Week Strength and CrossFit Classes, and before & after InBody Body Composition Analysis.


Our Running Club meets with a coach weekly for a 60-minute class consisting of a warmup, technique drills, and a running workout. Our club also competes together in virtual and in-person road and trail races throughout the year.

Nutrition Coaching

Our Nutrition team is led by clinical dietician Ginny King, RD and Coach Eric Burgos. Ginny and Eric offer in-house nutrition education and challenges to our members, as well as individual nutrition coaching.


The InBody Composition Scanner uses bioelectrical impedance to accurately measure your body fat percentage, muscle mass, and water weight. It takes 30 seconds, is non-invasive, and is an invaluable tool in creating a nutritional coaching program that truly addresses your unique physiology.


The Phase One Nutrition Coaching Program consists of Three Months of personalize nutrition coaching. Your dedicated coach will meet with you to assess your health history and goals. The program includes in-person monthly assessments (health markers, goals, Inbody body composition testing,), a customized nutrition plan, ongoing weekly coaching support, and monthly plan adjustments.


The Phase Two Nutrition Coaching Program is a maintenance program to continue the healthy habits and accountability from Phase One.