What if you could get your favorite band to do a live concert for you On-Demand, or your favorite television personalities to do an appearance live on tv for you On-Demand?

In an increasingly “On-Demand” culture, its become normal to tune in to music, movies, and television whenever we decide its convenient.   Sure, we could offer pre-recorded workouts where you follow along with a fitness model, but Coach Danny charges more for modeling gigs.  Plus, that’s not COACHING, which is what you guys pay for.  That’s why our new classes are scheduled on YOUR time, with YOUR workout buds.  You can keep them private, or open them up to the community … your call!

HOW DOES IT WORK, you ask?  Simply gather a minimum of 5 members including yourself, give us 24 hour notice, and we will coach the class of your choice.  Do the workout of the day or your favorite named workout.  We’re here for you.  Specialty classes can be done as well, but may require a bit more notice so we can program for you.  Request your favorite coach and they’ll get first shot at the session.

Image Courtesy of Sarah Dugan / Sarah Marie Studios

Want us to post a certain time on the Facebook page to see if you can round up

a posse?  Just say the word cowboys and cowgirls … we’re ready to saddle up and make it happen!



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