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Special Guest Coach Ginny King is running a new NUTRITION CHALLENGE.
Meet Ginny and get more info this Saturday March 16, 2019 at 9am in the gym!

This 28-day challenge begins March 23rd and is led by dietitian/nutritionist Ginny King.  Start and end the challenge with an InBody scan to learn what you’re truly made of: body fat %, muscle mass, etc.

You will receive meal plans, weekly emails, recipes, a no-brainer portion container, and food journal feedback throughout the challenge.
CrossFit bodies are made in the kitchen and nutrition is the base of the CrossFit wellness pyramid!

Workout for Wednesday 3/20/2019

A) Front Squat:
E2M for 12 min:
3-5 reps @ 75-80%
B) Chipper Style:
Performance: 2 rds of:
100 ft. Bear Crawl
100 ft. SA DB OH Walking Lunge (50/35)
60 H.R. Pushups
40 BJSD (24/20)
20 C2B Pullup
Fitness: 2 Rds of:
100 ft. Bear Crawl
100 ft. Walking Lunge
60 Pushup
40 Alt. Russian Step-Ups
20 Pullup
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