We’d like to welcome Kaitlin Lyons to the CFFP team!


Starting THIS WEEK

Endurance Class at 7:30am on Tuesdays

Endurance WODs in our programming


Check them out!

How to follow the Endurance Programming:

The programming is meant to be completed along with a foundation of 4-6 CFFP classes a week. Progression is a key factor when adding the Endurance component to your training so we are starting off with a single sport: Running.

Single sport athletes perform 3 endurance wods per week: 2 interval & 1 tempo or TT wod.
Tempo vs TT will depend on the that week’s programming and is meant to be done on a CFFP rest day. Some people like to follow the programming a week behind so they can plan out their weekly training schedule.

Stay tuned to the blog for this week’s programming

ANY QUESTIONS??  Check out the Endurance Class or catch Kaitlin at the gym!

We’ll be adding additional sports over the next few weeks, STAY TUNED!


Kaitlin received her Masters of Science in Kinesiology with a concentration in Performance Enhancement from California State University, Fullerton in Fullerton, CA. Her background as an athlete includes collegiate swimming, and triathlons. She has coached age group, high school, and masters swimming, and CrossFit Kids. She is ASCA Level 2 and Masters Certified.
Under the mentorship of Brian MacKenzie and Kelly Starrett,  Kaitlin has completed CrossFit Level I, CrossFit Kids, and CrossFit Specialty Seminars in Run & Endurance, Movement & Mobility, Swim & Performance, Kettlebell, Power Lifting  and  CrossFit Nutrition. She has attended Naka Athletics Freestyle Connection Gymnastics Movement Seminar, and Blauer Tactical Systems Be Your Own Bodyguard.


There are two new whiteboards at the gym above the bumper plates.¬†¬† We encourage all members to fill them up, one is for March PR’s and the other is for March First’s.¬† So if you’ve PR’d your clean, or just got your first handstand, put it up on the boards.¬† Your community wants to help you celebrate!


 Last Cycle of 5-3-1 Starts Monday!

We’re hitting our last cycle of 5-3-1 starting Monday.¬† Hit this hard!

Schedule for this Cycle

Monday – Weighted Pull Up

Tuesday – Back Squat

Wednesday – Press

Friday – Deadlift



As many of you know, Danny is out of town this week, something about a really late honeymoon.  If you need anything gym related please email me at



Monday March 11th

Tell your friends and family to sign up now.

Email melissa@crossfitfullpotential for more information.


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