Thought for the day¬† “The surest way not to fail is to determine to succeed.”¬† Richard B. Sheridan

Monday June 24, 2019

A)   Performance:

E:90 for 3 min: 3 Jerk Balance

E:90 for 3 min: 3 Tall Jerk

E:90 for 15 min: 3 Split Jerk w/ 2s pause in dip on each.


E:90 for 21 min:

Odd Rds: 4-6 Push Press

Even Rds: :30-:45 HS Work

B)    Performance:

5 min Max Cal AB

Rest until 7 min mark:

3 RFT:

10 Burpee

20 Russian KBS (70/53)

40 DU


5 min Max Cal Row

Rest until 7 min mark:

3 RFT:

10 NP Burpee

15 Russian KBS

30 Shoulder Bridge

For an easy summer main dish try Mediterranean cauliflower rice bowl looks delish!


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