Why Steve:

Steve (aka PIA) has an energy that is contagious.  He is always trying to help the people around him to perform better and is a huge part of what makes this community so great!  On top of that he is dedicated to getting better and takes his training and nutrition seriously.

Day Job:

Hockey and lacrosse coach, athletic and academic consultant. Future in Business Development for a CRO.  Why doesn’t anyone ask about one’s Night Job?

Hobbies & Other Activities:

Cooking, speaking Spanish, singing all the time (and making up the lyrics), playing sports, gossiping, and going to the movies.

Proudest Life Achievement:

Not sure I have enough life experience for this one.  I’m pretty proud of sticking with Crossfit consistently for over 3 years now.

Previous Fitness:

Sports growing up but never lifted much.  Ran a bunch (Disney Marathon 2012) before finding Crossfit and haven’t looked back since.  Still play men’s league hockey.

Why CFFP?:

Mostly the people.  I love how open and friendly we all are.  People aren’t afraid to tease one another, but also motivate them to keep coming back.  Having visited several Crossfit gyms worldwide, I can honestly say that we have a pretty phenomenal coaching staff.  Fitting in a complete warm-up, strength, and WOD (not to mention Ca$h-outs!) is actually super challenging, especially with a group of adults who just want to talk and procrastinate by chit-chatting (present company excluded).  Many other gyms don’t even come close to fitting in the amount of work that we do at CFFP!

First Memorable WOD:

Annie.  I remember finally learning how to do double-unders consistently (after months of angry red welts on my arms and legs) and being able to speed through DU’s and sit-ups.

Favorite CrossFit Movement: 

Hand stands!  You can always find me upside down at the gym 🙂

What Motivates Him: 

There are a number of things that inspire me.  I even made a list: working out, good food, red wine, Spanish, singing, helping other people, family, cooking, competing, laughing, random complimenting, fresh air, reading, etc, etc.  The more things from that list that I can incorporate into my day, the better my day!  I’m motivated by these little inspirations.

Biggest Goal:  

I’m learning to hold my freestanding handstands for longer than 3 seconds.  My ultimate goal is becoming a ninja.

Biggest Challenge: 

Overhead squats and squat snatches have always been weak points for me.  Slowly but surely I’m learning and improving.

Biggest Improvement:

Getting my eating in check.  CFFP inspired me to do the Paleo Challenge, which taught me to READ THE LABEL on foods and aim for clean, natural foods.  Game changer.  Since then, I’ve learned about eating a balance between proteins, carbs, and fats every day.  Eating well has made a huge difference in my life and my fitness!  Don’t worry, I still leave room for the occasional ice cream and beer (or ten).

Advice for New Members:   

Don’t be afraid to SCALE and adjust!  I came in last in most of my workouts when I first started.  The key is to stick with working out as consistently as possible over a long period of time.  You will get better, you will get stronger.  Listen to your body, and rest it when needed!

Who is Your Superhero?:

Wendy Sauer.  Do you people realize how many things that girl can fit into one day?  Kickass Crossfitter who works full time and raises her two sons.

Fun Fact:

I abhor cilantro.  It’s no fun for anyone if you put it on my food.  That’s a fact.  You were warned.
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