Why Meghan: Meg brings an intensity and focus to her workouts that inspires everyone around her to step up their game. She is friendly and supportive … a great teammate all around.

Day Job: I’m the Director of Learning and Organizational Development at a Cambridge-based tech company called CarGurus. I sum up my job as helping people be a little bit more human at work. (And no, Danny, it’s not all trust falls.)

Hobbies & Other Activities: Do you mean other than driving to and from Cambridge and planning a wedding? When I’m not doing one of those two things (which is hard to remember), or at CFFP, I’m generally Stand Up Paddle Boarding, cooking, perfecting cocktail recipes (namely Manhattans), or taking on the NY Times crossword. I’m also a travel junkie and get itchy if I haven’t been abroad in awhile.

Proudest Life Achievement: One of the more significant experiences in my life was completing a year-long “research” fellowship called the Watson the year after I graduated from college. My research was on the experiences of female athletes / ice hockey around the globe – primarily in Denmark, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia.  One of the only rules was that I couldn’t return to the US for the entire year. This was before facebook and smartphones were a thing, so I spent a year having to meet people, make friends, and even find a place to live the old fashioned way – through sports. I consider myself an introvert that plays an extrovert on TV, so continually putting myself out there for an entire year and finding new places to call home and new people to call friends and family was really transformative. During that year I was also named “Man of the Match” in a game between the South African Men’s National team and a team of Finns. Being named CFFP’s Athlete of the Month is pretty close to being up there with that!

Previous Fitness: I played ice hockey in college and beyond and still play with the old gals. I added running and boot camp-type workouts to the mix about 10 years ago. I have done a few marathons and continue to run a  half-marathon or two every year. I’ve been lifting on and off since college and worked for a very short time as a fitness coach.

Why CFFP?:  It took me a long time to finally get over my loathsomeness toward CF land at a box in Cambridge. When the gym moved and I had to find a new box I remembered seeing a insanely fit person with some CFFP SWAG and figured I should just workout wherever he did – turns out it was Geoff Turk. What’s really made me love and stick with CFFP is the community and the coaching.  I couldn’t believe how welcoming everyone was to me during my first weeks and I try to remember that every time I see a new member. Beyond that, I really believe the thoughtfulness of the programming and coaching is unparalleled.

First Memorable WOD: My first week in crossfit we did 100 burpees for time. Pretty sure I puked.

Favorite CrossFit Movement: I think I have to go with wall balls. There are few things that being tall is good for at crossfit, but at least we have wall balls. I may be the only human who loves Karen and Fight Gone Bad.

What Motivates Her: Being a better version of myself. I’m certainly a competitive person, but the competition is always agains myself and seeing how much I can push myself at the edges. I’m also inspired daily by so many members of the CFFP community who show up and put in the work – and are obviously doing it to be better versions of themselves.  Oh, and ice cream.

Biggest Goal: Dear Lord, someday I’d like to do an unassisted pull up. 

Biggest Challenge: Figuring I where I misplaced my kipping toes to bar that I once had, but now for the life of me can’t find. 

Biggest Improvement: My biggest CF improvements have really been all of the gymnastics movements. I’m FAR from competent at any of them, but I’ve always been really intimidated by anything related to a handstand, rope climb, or pull up. I’ve learned to have a lot of fun in the process of learning and even climbed a rope for the first time in my life last week!

Advice for New Members:  Have fun and run your own race. I love that crossfit is a community built of people finding ways to constantly challenge themselves. It’s not about being faster or stronger than anyone else, but having fun with the process of becoming a faster, stronger you.

Who is Your Superhero?: Both of my parents – two insanely selfless human beings who showed me early on that the world is a big interconnected place and that we can all do something to make our communities a little bit better. 

Fun Fact: I’ve bungee jumped 7 times on 3 continents.

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