Why Mark: Mark is one of our most consistent members.  He never misses a class, and has been receptive to learning from day one.  He’s become quite the CrossFitter after some impressive feats in endurance racing and mountaineering.

Day Job: Quality Control Manager at Functional Coatings. We’re an industrial manufacturer that makes adhesives and coats various things, mostly for the construction industry. I try to make sure we don’t screw things up.

Night/weekend job: Professional musician. I play drums in and manage a wedding band called Business Time. Aka, The Greatest Party Band Of All Time.

Hobbies & Other Activities: Drums, guitar, running a small business (the band), hiking, travel, mountaineering.

Proudest Life Achievement: Being selected as the CFFP Member of the Month!!

Previous Fitness: Played hockey for 12 years as a kid. Got into endurance sports around 2010, ran several marathons and an ultra-marathon (50K) at Jay Peak in Vermont. Have always done a lot of hiking and climbing, have climbed 47 of the 48  4,000 footers in NH. Used to lift weights a few times a week as well.

Why CFFP?: Eventually got burnt out on so much running and really wanted to try something new. I always wanted to learn to lift properly, with trainers, and figured Crossfit was a great way to do so. I also wanted variety. I had been doing the same exact running/lifting routine for years, and was bored and saw no progress. I also really wanted to focus on getting much stronger. I’ve put on 25 lbs since joining over two years ago! I love the community aspect too. Everyone is super friendly and supportive, and misery loves company during the WOD’s!

First Memorable WOD: The first full workout I ever did at Full Potential…it wasn’t crazy, but involved rowing, air dyne, and lateral hops over the parallette bar. I remember having shaky legs when I left the gym, something I hadn’t experienced in a long time.

Favorite CrossFit Movement: The olympic lifts. There’s something so satisfying about hitting a heavy clean and jerk or snatch with good form.

What Motivates Him: Just an overall desire to be healthy and strong. As Elliot Hulse says, to be ‘The strongest version of yourself.’

Biggest Goal: Keep getting stronger! Increase my 1 rep maxes for the 5-3-1 lifts and olympic lifts.

Biggest Challenge: Muscle ups and handstand push-ups. I finally figured muscle ups out after what seemed like forever, but some days I can do them, some days I can’t. I need to work on consistency with those. With handstand push-ups, I need to figure out how to kip them- doing them strict for lots of reps is brutal!

Biggest Improvement: Double Unders. Those took me forever to figure out, but I feel like I kind of have them down at this point. They still fall apart when I get fatigued though.

Advice for New Members: Be consistent! Keep showing up, and be eager to learn. The community is amazing too- so many great people, so get to know everyone. Also listen to your body- these workouts are super tough, so focus on recovery and rest when you need to.

Who is Your Superhero?: My Mom- she was diagnosed with breast cancer twice and beat it both times, and I’ve never seen someone handle adversity and challenge with such positivity, grace, and courage. She’s hands down the toughest person I know!

Fun Fact: Dave Grohl once said he loved me in front of thousands of people in Tokyo.

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