Day Job: office assistant at pediatric office

Hobbies & Other Activities: My hobbies are reading, spinning, eating and laughing 🙂

Proudest Life Achievement: My proudest life experience (so far) is having 2 amazing children!!!

Previous Fitness: I have always enjoyed working out. I started out doing step class and traditional weight lifting programs.  I also tried running (over the years I have run 5 half marathons).  Sadly I thought I was in good shape until I started Crossfit.

Why CFFP?: CFFP because of the people and the results!  I feel like we are one big family. I learned a long time ago that I don’t push myself hard enough and it is good to have coaches who don’t dismiss difficult clients!

First Memorable WOD: FRAN was definitely my first memorable WOD- or maybe more accurately FRAN cough was what I remember!  I had that burning cough for hours!!

Favorite CrossFit Movement: My favorite Crossfit movement would probably have to be power cleans. 

What Motivates Her:  I feel like my biggest motivation is seeing how far I can push my body physically and mentally. It keeps me going daily because I know I am capable of more.

Biggest Challenge: My biggest challenge is gaining upper body strength. There are a lot of movements I still can’t do after years of doing Crossfit and all have to do with upper body strength.

Biggest Improvement: I think my biggest improvement (and still a constant work in progress) is my mental toughness. My mind used to give up on me before my body did, but now I know I can push through the pain.

Advice for New Members:   My advice for new members is to believe in yourself and don’t give up. We all have our strengths and weaknesses and some days are going to be harder than others.

Who is Your Superhero?: My superhero has to be my mom. Although she doesn’t have any super human powers she is a super human.

Fun Fact:  I have an identical twin sister!  She is in the air force. And we talk  almost everyday.

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