Why Kathy:  Kathy consistently works hard in the gym.  She never misses a class and is always asking questions and trying to improve her skill set.

Day Job: Phys Ed teacher at Harrington Elementary Lynn, MA

Hobbies & Other Activities: travel as much as possible to as many different places as I can, playing and watching sports, being outside as much as possible. ( except for snowy weather as I dislike snow immensely and in that weather you will find me at the bar or on my couch with a tasty beverage;) ) movies.

Proudest Life Achievement: so far my kids Seth 11 Addisyn 9..getting my masters degree



Previous Fitness:¬†always staying active either playing sports my whole life’s only gymnastics soccer and swimming. As i got older went to your standard gym doing your typical gym stuff but never seeing results while working out at the gym.

Why CFFP?: the people. From the coaches to fellow members,the people are what motivates me

First Memorable WOD:   I would have to say the death by burpee or the hero WOD Glen,

Favorite CrossFit Movement: any gymnastics move candlesticks, burpee (I have learned to embrace the burpee) any upper body strength movement

What Motivates Her: same answer as Why CFFP

Biggest Goal:  right now handstand walk the length of the gym. right now I can walk 40 feet, and a bar muscle up.

Biggest Challenge:¬†I need to work on a lot of different movements so can’t really name just one. But I would say my overhead squat is most challenging right now it’s a work in progress.

Biggest Improvement: since joining cross fit endurance has improved , stamina and upper body strength

Advice for New¬†Members: ¬†set realistic goals for yourself each time don’t be afraid to push yourself and yes it is normal to feel like you want to throw up after a WOD sometimes.

Who is Your Superhero?: JC have to give the big guy some cred ūüėȬ†

Fun Fact: grew up in Cali and love it there still and at one point in my life I had a decent collection of homies. See picture below. 



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Carrie · October 8, 2015 at 8:45 am

Well Deserved!! Kathy rocks the handstand walk! And seriously anyone that can work with kids day in and day out and still show up for CFFP with a smile…. Superstar!!!

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