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Why Jim:  Everyone is happy to see Jim walk into class. He is happy to be here and it shows.  His hard work in class is rivaled by his quick wit and welcoming personality.  Jim is a staple in our community.

Day Job: State Police Lieutenant

Hobbies & Other Activities: Surf on my stand up paddleboard, ski, fish and cook.

Proudest Life Achievement:  I lost a good friend in a car crash four years ago when we were hit by a driver impaired by drugs and alcohol.  I have remained close to her grandsons who are two and a half and four and a half. Even let my 18 year old daughter help with teaching them the important things in life.

Previous Fitness: Master Swimmer, part of the Nautilus trend in the 80’s.

Why CFFP?:  I drove by it for months and saw the poor little sign, no flashing lights and thought, if it is in an industrial park and not a strip mall, that’s the thing for me.

First Memorable WOD:  I would say Karen after-150 wall ball for time-trying to negotiate the stairs at a place we went to afterward.

Favorite CrossFit Movement:¬† I love the sled. “Less tread more sled.‚Ä̬† It‚Äôs more forgiving than the body weight exercises and allows a bigger guy to shine.

What Motivates Him:  In my business and activities, you want to be a big, strong guy because you never know.

Biggest Goal:¬†¬†I’d like to do the CF Games some year.

Biggest Challenge: Not letting the habit of cooking, eating and drinking diminish any returns.

Biggest Improvement: Maybe the burpee.

Advice for New Members:   Just come in and jump in. Go slow and do not have a 25 year old ego in a 50 year old body. There is no rush. This is a pursuit that could benefit you well into the later years when getting up from the bathroom floor replaces the Turkish get-up.

Who is Your Superhero?: I have had a lot of good role models about being a father and I try emulate them.

Fun Fact :That I plan to go shirtless in the next ‘Fight Gone Bad!’

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