Day Job:   Quality Assurance Engineer at EBSCOhost in Ipswich, MA.   I test a oracle based program that is used in building 90% of our EBSCOhost Databases.  I’ve also started working with Test Automation.

Hobbies & Other Activities:   I enjoy running, reading, listening to music, traveling, visiting family and friends, playing Sudoku.  I also enjoy visiting brewery’s.

Proudest Life Achievement: Finishing my 1st Marathon, Hartford, CT in 2011.  I was told endurance running would not be easy for me because I have asthma.  I had to go prove them wrong!

Previous Fitness:   Working out in the gym, Running, and tennis.

Why CFFP?: I was bored at the gym.  Running had caused some bad injuries, and continuing to train for Marathons was too much for me.  My Doctor had actually mentioned CrossFit.  I knew a few people that went to CFFP.  They both had great things to say.  The coaches were awesome, people were friendly and that I would love it.  They were right!

First Memorable WOD:   Tabata, because we did that on my 2nd day.

Favorite CrossFit Movement:   Power Cleans and anything with Kettlebell’s.

What Motivates Her:  Progress and people.  Sometimes I doubt myself and think I can’t lift that weight.  All it takes is a coach to encourage you to do a little more.

Biggest Goal:  I want to be able to do a real pull ups and handstand push-ups.

Biggest Challenge:  Rope climbs, no matter how often I’m taught how to climb the rope, I just can’t seem to get it.  

Biggest Improvement:   My overall leg strength has improved so much.  I can tell when walking or running up a hill.   Also my lungs have gotten stronger, which helps with the longer workouts.

Advice for New Members:   Don’t give up or be intimated!  We were all new at some point and it does get easier, however, there will still be days when workout beats you up.

Who is Your Superhero?:  My Father.  You can ask him for anything, he is always there to help.  He continues to tell me that he could provide me a good workout if I  wanted to chop wood, or do his yard work for him 🙂

Fun Fact:  I’m a Greenbay Packer fan, however, most don’t know why.  My Dad was a Greenbay Fan, and his hobby was restoring Corvettes.  I would help him and we had a TV in the garage so we could watch football.  I was repeatedly given this history of Greenbay and told they were the only team worth cheering for.  I was still young, but in the end it was Brett Favre who really made me a Packer fan and a Cheesehead for life!

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Michael Takesian · April 26, 2016 at 10:02 am

Way to go Holly.
Michael T

Cindy S · April 26, 2016 at 6:07 pm

Awesome!!! Holly!!!

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