Day Job:¬† ¬†Quality Assurance Engineer at EBSCOhost in Ipswich, MA. ¬†¬†I test a oracle based program that is used in building 90% of our EBSCOhost Databases. ¬†I’ve also started working with Test Automation.

Hobbies & Other Activities:¬† ¬†I enjoy running, reading, listening to music, traveling, visiting family and friends, playing Sudoku. ¬†I also enjoy visiting brewery’s.

Proudest Life Achievement: Finishing my 1st Marathon, Hartford, CT in 2011.  I was told endurance running would not be easy for me because I have asthma.  I had to go prove them wrong!

Previous Fitness:   Working out in the gym, Running, and tennis.

Why CFFP?: I was bored at the gym.  Running had caused some bad injuries, and continuing to train for Marathons was too much for me.  My Doctor had actually mentioned CrossFit.  I knew a few people that went to CFFP.  They both had great things to say.  The coaches were awesome, people were friendly and that I would love it.  They were right!

First Memorable WOD:   Tabata, because we did that on my 2nd day.

Favorite CrossFit Movement: ¬†¬†Power Cleans and anything with Kettlebell’s.

What Motivates Her: ¬†Progress and people. ¬†Sometimes I doubt myself and think I can’t lift that weight. ¬†All it takes is a coach to encourage you to do a little more.

Biggest Goal:  I want to be able to do a real pull ups and handstand push-ups.

Biggest Challenge: ¬†Rope climbs, no matter how often I‚Äôm taught how to climb the rope, I just can’t seem to get it.¬†¬†

Biggest Improvement:   My overall leg strength has improved so much.  I can tell when walking or running up a hill.   Also my lungs have gotten stronger, which helps with the longer workouts.

Advice for New¬†Members: ¬†¬†Don’t give up or be intimated! ¬†We were all new at some point and it does get easier, however, there will still be days when¬†workout beats you up.

Who is Your Superhero?: ¬†My Father. ¬†You can ask him for anything, he is always there to help. ¬†He continues to tell me that he could provide me a good workout if I¬†¬†wanted to¬†chop wood, or do his yard work for him ūüôā

Fun Fact: ¬†I’m a Greenbay Packer fan, however, most don’t know why. ¬†My Dad was a Greenbay Fan, and his hobby was restoring Corvettes.¬† I would help him and we had a TV in the garage so we could watch football. ¬†I was repeatedly given this history of Greenbay and told they were the only team worth cheering for. ¬†I was still young, but¬†in the end it was Brett Favre who really made me a Packer fan and a Cheesehead for life!

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Michael Takesian · April 26, 2016 at 10:02 am

Way to go Holly.
Michael T

Cindy S · April 26, 2016 at 6:07 pm

Awesome!!! Holly!!!

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