Erin is a staple in the afternoon.  She is a testament to consistency paying off in the gym.  Her positive attitude and sense of humor help set the tone for some great afternoon classes!

Day Job: National Client Manager for an Insurance Company

Hobbies & Other Activities:  Biking; hanging with family; travel (although never do enough); binge watch bad TV;  living for my dog;

Proudest Life Achievement: For someone who never wanted kids – I think I’m a pretty good step mom (although I guess my kids should weigh in)

Previous Fitness: yoga, gym rat; running; biking;

Why CFFP?:  I am so not a group activity person but yoga was not curing my persistent back pain – so I thought why not; and now can’t imagine working out any other way! Love love the people!

First Memorable WOD: Murph probably although at my age I can’t remember yesterday let alone first WOD

Favorite CrossFit Movement:  can I answer this by the opposite – least favorite ‘anything’ is air bike!!!!!  I will take anything over air bike!

What Motivates Her: I have no idea what motivates HIM but for me it’s the camaraderie, coaching & the increase in strength and stamina; not to mention the fact that my back pain is GONE (mostly)!  I love that you can completely suck at something but as long as you are trying – folks are supportive.

Biggest Goal:  60 pullups by age 60 – I’ve got less than 2 years and I can currently do 1 strict (maybe 2 on a good day) – sooooooooooooooooo, maybe I need to SCALE!

Biggest Challenge: everything is a challenge but that is what I love – my technique on most lifts is suspect at best – but fun trying to improve

Biggest Improvement: all around stamina and just a mental change in terms of my confidence as it relates to physical challenges

Advice for New Members:   Commit to showing up – that’s half the battle; don’t look at the work out ahead of time as a way to avoid going – just GO;

Who is Your Superhero?:  My dog Otis – he has the toughest life yet he keeps on going – not sure how he does it; sleep; eat ; play; rest and repeat!

Fun Fact – I live in Newburyport during the week and my husband is in Portland Maine.  I go up midweek for a night but by and large we are left to our own devices until the weekend – and frankly, that is a little nugget to marital bliss!!!!  (he would agree)

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