Day Job: I am the Accounting Manager at Arbor Networks, a cybersecurity company. It’s an interesting industry to be in, especially given all the attention hacking and cybersecurity is getting.

Hobbies & Other Activities: Besides creating excel spreadsheets; I enjoy spending time with my nephews, hiking, travelling and reading (preferably on the beach with a drink in my hand).

Proudest Life Achievement: As of right now, finishing my masters degree.

Previous Fitness: Field hockey, dance and running (or more like jogging in my case!)

Why CFFP?: My brother joined CFFP and was always talking about it. I was having a hard time staying
committed and consistent going to a typical gym and was admittedly clueless of what to do when I was there.
Intrigued by CrossFit, I decided to give it a shot and I havenā€™t looked back since.

First Memorable WOD: Karen, without a doubt. I had only been at CFFP for a couple of months and my sister and I had just been complaining about a WOD that had 60 wall balls, I mean come on? isn’t that excessive? And then boom, Karen. I was the last one to finish while surrounded by the rest of the class cheering me on. It was physically and mentally challenging… but I finished…

Favorite CrossFit Movement: The clean. Before stepping foot in CFFP, I had never lifted anything before. This movement was so complex to me, I tried to soak in everything the coaches were telling me and one day it just clicked.

What Motivates Her: Encouragement by both the coaches and members. The community is a big reason
why I keep coming back for more.

Biggest Goal: A pullup. Yes, for now just one will do!

Biggest Challenge: Anything requiring upper body strength. I have made huge improvements since starting, but I am still working on it.

Biggest Improvement: I would say one of my biggest improvements is rowing. With the help of Coach Kochansky repeatedly and patiently correcting my form, I don’t feel as much like a maniac on the erg.

Advice for New Members: Listen to what the coaches have to say, they know what they are talking about. Also, don’t worry about what everyone around you is doing, modify (or don’t modify) the WOD in a way that is best for you.

Who is Your Superhero?: From an athlete perspective, Misty Copeland. She was told she didn’t fit the mold and she couldn’t, but she did anyway.

The Official Website of Misty Copeland

Fun Fact: I have an odd love of tap dancing.

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