Why Carrie & Chris??

They are so very involved in our community. They continuously support special events, not only with their participation, but with assistance as well.

They are always there to cheer on athletes no matter the skill level, and they happily share their struggles to help set a great example of humility.

Also, anyone that tells me to “move thy ass” during an Open workout truly deserves my vote.

Carrie & Chris Denley

Day Job:

Carrie: When we asked Carrie what she did for work, she told us she was a hooker.  We think that means she drives a tow truck.

Chris: Iron Worker

Hobbies & Other Activities:

Carrie: cheerleader, tending to her “Ladies”…chickens people, chickens

Chris: ski, hike, scuba, riding his motorcycle and camping

Proudest Life Achievement:

Carrie: her career, as a high school drop out, Carrie went back to school after having Jack and received her degree.

Chris: his son, and landing Carrie as a wife.

Previous Fitness: running 5ks, Globo gym

Why CFFP?:

Carrie: followed Chris

Chris: heard about us from a friend checked it out and knew it was his place

First Memorable WOD:

Carrie: Murph

Chris: Go look in my book, I write them all down

Favorite CrossFit Movement:

Carrie: Double Unders

Chris: Burpees

Favorite WOD:

Carrie: Fight Gone Bad

Chris: Filthy Fifty

What Motivates Them:

Carrie: Improving and keeping healthy

Chris: The little man in his head

Biggest Goal:

Carrie: Strict Pull Up

Chris: Cleans

Biggest Challenge:

Carrie: Strict Pull Up

Chris: Cleans

Advice for New Members: 

Carrie: Practice, practice, practice.

Chris: It hurts at first but then it’s worth it.

Who is Your Superhero?:

Carrie: Captain America

Chris: the Hulk


Carrie: doesn’t know what her real hair color is

Chris: was an accomplished equestrian as a child

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lola pelletier · May 28, 2015 at 8:57 am

everyone needs a little denley in their lives. Congrates to my 2 favorite people.

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