Ted Mottola

Day Job: Head Hunter – high tech recruiting, Full Time Sexy

Hobbies & Other Activities: Travel, surfing, cooking, extreme socializing, fitness and boating

Proudest Life Achievement:  Has traveled to 40 countries.

Previous Fitness: None. Not really into any sports other than surfing and snowboarding

Why CFFP?: Community, referred by friend

First Memorable WOD: FRAN – modified it to 75#, took 12 minutes and felt aweful.

Favorite CrossFit Movement: Squat Clean

What Motivates Him: Youth, keeps him young.

Biggest Goal:  cliche but continuing to improve strength and mobility.  i want to look back in 12 months and say “i’m stronger and healthier than i was last year”

Biggest Challenge: staying motivated especially when you are tired/sore.  eating clean can also be tricky.  and by eating clean i mean limiting the amount of bud lites and tequila i consume on the weekends.

Biggest Improvement: Full Body Strength

Advice for New Members:   Don’t be shy. It can be intimidating but don’t let that scare you off.  We’ve all been there and all are happy to help you and answer any questions.

Who is Your Superhero?: Elon Musk…SpaceX, Tesla, SolarCity, etc…he’s a real life Tony Stark

FUN FACT: Teddy once owned an business trapping skunks for high end resorts in York/Kennebunks

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