Brian H & Maggie L

Day Job:

Maggie: Orthopedic surgeon at Lahey clinic

Brian: Technical director at a security software company

Hobbies & Other Activities:

Maggie: crossfit, spending time with kids; skiing in winter and swimming, tubing, boating in the summer, taking care of their two pugs, two guinea pigs and beta fish

Brian: CrossFit,  Fishing for striped bass and tuna,  any water activity that allows me to fish and spend time with family, snowboarding, building things- carpentry and gardening.  Recreational volleyball league

Proudest Life Achievement:  Their Daughters

Previous Fitness:

Maggie: volleyball throughout school including college. Swimming and soccer through high school

Brian: Basketball and volleyball through grammar, HS and college, lifted weights a bunch in college.

Why CFFP?:

Maggie: the community. I would be a very happy couch potato without CFFP but the classes, coaches, community and environment keep me coming in the door and challenging me to get off the couch at home. I hate falling behind! Even when it means completing 5-3-1 lifts in the 20 degree garage at home

Brian: Really just a good warm vibe. Switched-on people, great community. …and Turke’s eclectic musical stylings

First Memorable WOD:

Maggie: nearly completing DT Rx’d this past spring. Missing the time cap by three reps will keep me pushing myself for the next year. Really, I love the community large scale workouts like Murph, Glen. These all community events is what defines CFFP for me!

Brian: DT, Rx’d

Favorite CrossFit Movement:

Maggie: that’s tough. I have been focused on cleans and snatch lately.

Brian: Hang Squat Clean

What Motivates Them:

Maggie: the large scale community workouts like murph and the spring workout series

Brian: Challenges that look impossible

Biggest Goal: 

Maggie: pull-ups and overcoming my handstand fear

Brian: Muscle Up

Biggest Challenge:

Maggie: getting faster running and improving my upper extremity strength. Getting to class every week is also a challenge.

Brian: Muscle Ups

Biggest Improvement:

Maggie: ask Geoff, but I think deadlift form

Brian: Squatting

Advice for New Members:  

Maggie: believe in yourself and focus on form. Don’t worry about weight or what those around you are doing. Enjoy your workout and accept the challenge!

Brian: Take your time, and set expectations that are consistent with the time you have to put in. … and don’t do rope climbs with bare legs.

Who is Your Superhero?:

Maggie: KO. She demonstrates what is possible with hardwork and dedication.  The coaches, for putting up with us.

Brian: Maggie, and whomever thought up the Minions


Maggie: Holly, my 14 year old pug runs our house and my life.

Brian: I’m a fish biologist by training

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