I hope everyone has a Happy Easter with close family even if it’s quieter than usual. While we’ll be missing our extended family traditions and gatherings, I hope this Easter finds you healthy and peaceful.  

This week’s programming will have a slight shift geared to preparing for Murph. Including some pull up variants, endurance work and flexibility work.

It will also include a daily Stretch-Down.  Working on Flexibility during times of high stress is particularly important. The tension we’re all feeling can manifest in physical symptoms, headaches, aches pains, tense muscles. Personally, I’m finding my jaw aching from clenching my teeth. In addition to keeping up with the Zoom workouts give the Stretch-Down a try to help ease tension and reduce stress.

Another tool we can use is Meditation. In just a couple minutes a day you can reap huge benefits. For most of us making time to workout or to walk the dog is manageable but the practice of meditation or mindfulness seems to elude us. Committing to daily practice, even starting with a couple minutes and adding to it each day will really help our health and happiness. 

There are so many options available if you’d like help in the process. Below you’ll find some links that include a free 21 Day Meditation with Oprah and Deepak Chopra “Hope in Uncertain Times”

Headspace and Insight Timer are a couple of other options that have 100’s of free meditations.







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