We’ve added a totally free, totally fun workout that you can do in addition to, or in place of one of this week’s workouts. Share this one with your family, friends, or coworkers who need some movement as well … lets see how many people we can help with some healthy movement!

There are three parts in three separate videos … click to view:

Video 1: Warmup

Video 2: Workout

Video 3: Core Finisher (don’t call it a cool down!)

Watch the videos a couple times if you need clarification, or feel free to hit us up with any questions. This is not meant to flow like a live class … go at your own pace, pause the video between explanations, and have some fun!!

Here are the explanations…..

Warm up:

Pigeon :60/leg
Pec Stretch ( thumb up/down) :30/each
3 rounds:
:20 hollow hold
5 burpees
10 jumping jacks

10 rounds:
10 burpee high knees
20 side shuffles
20 jumping split squats

Core circuit
5 rounds:
20 Plank- Pass-Objects
20 Slow Mo Cross Body Mtn Climbers
20 slow Leg Raises
:30 Leg Hold 6″ above Earth

If you’re looking for more content email dan@crossfitfullpotential.com and we can get you setup with our daily programming and coaching!!

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