It’s easy to let the stress and anxiety of the uncertainty keep you walking in circles. We all are doing our best to find a new normal during this time. Here are some ideas to keep you sane while at home and healthy.


Start the day with gratitude: whether it is  a list of three things you’re grateful for or ten—the number does matter just the intention.


Make an outline of what you’d like your day to look like. Routine changes are challenging but planning makes it easier.  Make sure your plan includes drinking plenty of water and eating nutrient dense food.


Keep moving!! Do the daily workout and boost your mood and immunity better yet do it outside!

Schedule time outside rain or shine. A run in the rain feels great or throw some rain gear on the kids and get out and play.


Limit social media and news. While it’s important to stay informed and connected it’s easy to get obsessed. Try reading your news instead of watching it for a less intense experience.


If you need some immediate relief from anxiety check out this link on box breathing.  You can do it anywhere and the results are instant.


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