WEEK 6 – That’s a wrap!!

Photo Courtesy of Sarah Dugan, Sarah Marie Studios


  1. Maya: 19+9 = 28
  2. Phantoms: 16+6+5=27
  3. Unicorns: 17 + 3 = 20
  4. BICEPS: 9 ………… = 9

Top Scores for week 6:

  1. Joe / Gabe (Phantoms) 326
  2. Gary/Nate (Unicorns) 323

Kevin/Paul (Maya) 323

  1. Dom/Amy Lynn (Maya) 304
  2. Andy / Emily (Phantoms) 295
  3. Mike/Mike (Maya) 294


Spirit of the Open:

We had a tough job not recognizing some amazing members of our community with these Spirit awards … I feel like we need an honorable mention list, but honestly so many people are deserving of these Spirit Awards each week.  This week has to go to the man, the myth, the legend: Andy Horner.  A man so shrouded in mystery that he answers only to his middle name.  Andy was at every Friday Night Lights, countless open gym sessions judging and supporting our members, and behind the scenes contributing every chance he could.  Most of you don’t see Andy here cleaning after hours and on the weekends.  He takes as much pride in this place as your coaches do.  The past two weekends Andy has been at the weekend early in the morning and late at night helping us put the place back together.  Not to mention, in true Phantom form, Andy neither admits nor denies defacing the Schwarzenegger posters in the gym.  THANK YOU ANDY for giving so much to this community!!

I’ll save the commentary on scoring to a minimum this week, but with the final scoring posted below I’d like to mention that due to a scoring glitch with the masters divisions, some of the Rx scores posted by HQ did not include Bert McLain’s scores for the Unicorns.  In her first Open ever she posted up some seriously impressive numbers … luckily for the Unicorns, they still blew everyone out of the water:

1st Place: CFFP Majestic Unicorns:  204

2nd Place:  CFFP Phantoms: 181

3rd Place: CFFP Team Maya: 170

4th Place: Schwarzenegger’s Biceps: 143

Stay Tuned for the Banner-Raising Announcement … the Unicorns will live on in infamy as their team banner is hung from the gym permanently this Spring.

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