Paleo Nutrition Seminar and Wellness Fair on Saturday August 18th

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We need a good headcount so please sign up online or email

We will be kicking off a 30-day challenge on the following Monday.  Attendance to the seminar is mandatory if you’d like to access the materials and facebook group for the challenge.  This is not a competition.  The challenge is with yourself.  GET HEALTHY!


This is not a happy kettlebell

Reminder to all members, if your mother or your maid don’t work here (and we all know they don’t) you need to clean up after yourself.  This includes cleaning up your mess and putting your toys away.

We want you to use chalk if you feel it’s necessary but please wipe down your toys when you are done

This includes kettlebells, barbells, dumbbells, pull up bars, the floor, and whatever you get your mess on; clean it up.  We work very hard to give you a clean space to play in so please do your part to help out.

Please keep water bottles in cubbies or in the area under the bulletin board and remember to take them with you when you leave.

Failure to clean up after yourselves will result in unhappy coaches.  Unhappy coaches make you do extra burpees.

CUBBIE CLEAN OUT Friday August 17th

It looks like all the cubbies are full, so take any random clothing articles home or they get tossed.

(the cubbies that are organized and look like they belong to someone will not be touched).



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