This month’s member of the month is very special to the CFFP family. Cindy came to see us with a back injury that made normal daily tasks a struggle. She won’t tell you about that, but she’s tough as nails. When other people would be home on the couch, Cindy is at work, at the gym, or out for a walk. She is an example of someone who puts in the physical work and eats clean so she can be at her full potential. Her member profile is a bit different from our typical MOTM post, but her story is one that needs to be heard:

Cynthia Simmonds

Proudest Life Achievement: My children, seeing my son get married.

Why CFFP: I joined CrossFit February 2014.I felt I needed to do something for myself. I was overweight and totally out of shape. My oldest son was getting married January 2015 and I thought it would be a great incentive to look good for that day (it was a great wedding). But in July 2015 I had to put my membership on hold, this is my story:

My Son: Christopher Simmonds

A tragedy struck our household last year in July 2015 when our youngest son passed away from a heroin overdose.

Who was my son? His name is Christopher Simmonds, he was 25 years old. He was blessed with a great sense of humor and a big heart. He was sincere, loyal, selfless and loving to all who had the pleasure of knowing him. But he had an addiction to heroin. He struggled with it, but became sober for two years. He always fought with it. He died at the hands of the drug at our home. It truly had been a fight for him. He was great kid who was raised in a happy family setting with two loving parents. He played baseball in high school and college.

He graduated with a BS in Accounting as well as a BS in Criminal Justice. Anyone who looked at Chris saw an all American kid, but that wasn’t the case. He was an addict, but you would never know.

I don’t want to dwell on the past, but I want to tell his story so people can be aware of what’s out there. It is so important that we can help others. We need to change the way we think about, talk about, and treat people with this awful addiction. It’s up to us to open our minds and not give them the stigma of a junkie, or druggie. This addiction is not a choice, it is a disease.

I have come back to CFFP with the help and support of the coaches and my friend Jan. I had all but given up, and didn’t see any point in staying at the gym. The coaches convinced me not to quit. I believe Chris wouldn’t have wanted me to either, so I went back. Before Chris passed away he started doing the CFFP on-ramp program. CFFP has helped me tremendously both mentally and physically.

First memorable WOD: Murph

Favorite CFFP Moment: Seeing Chris doing the on-ramp program, and giving him a high five when he completed it.

Biggest goal: To be in a better mindset.

Biggest challenge: Having to modify the WOD.

Biggest improvement: body strength, and balance.

Advice new member: Don’t ever give up, even when things are going tough!

Who are your superheroes:

My son Kyle, who has been a solid rock for me to lean on, as well as his wife Alyson.

Chris Simmonds: Who I truly love and miss. What he has taught me is not to sweat the small things in life. Enjoy yourself. SMILE!

Jan Krusemark: For being her, being there for me, those comforting hugs, texts, and a book which I have read many times.

Clark Webb: His comforting words.

Danny Vee: Having a good listening ear, just checking in at times, being supportive.

Mike Kochansky: His “Encouraging words” for me not to quit. His supportiveness each and everyday.

Geoff Turke: He has that rough and tough exterior, but in reality he’s a “teddy bear” who will support you as long as you give 100%. I can talk to him about anything and he is there to listen, support, and encourage me. Bud. (Lol)

I thank them all as well as Chris for their kind hearts. These are people who care.

Love you Christopher, you will always be in my heart.❤❤

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Carolyn DesRosiers · June 9, 2016 at 3:02 pm

Cindy, thank you for having the courage to share your story and beautiful pictures of your son. I’m so sorry for your loss and can only begin to imagine your pain. My heart breaks for the many who have lost sons and daughters to this drug. It’s because of people like you coming forward and shining a light on this issue that real solutions and resources are now being made available for those in need. You are an inspiration as a mom and a Crossfitter. God Bless

Cindy simmonds · June 10, 2016 at 4:54 am

Thank you so much for those kind words. If we can help one person by telling his story.

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