The CFFP Majestic Unicorns flew ahead to a commanding lead after Week One, winning both the 18.1 leaders scoring and taking home the “Spirit of the Open” Award, thanks to Bert McLain.  Bert completed the Rx 55+ workout, then came back Friday night AND Saturday morning to judge for her fellow competitors.  Thank you Bert for showing us what the Open’s are all about!

The CFFP Phantoms posted a respectable score from the shadows, while Schwarzenegger’s Biceps were close behind in a slightly deflated 3rd place.  Team Maya was still napping on the blue mat but is ready to play hard in Week 2.  If we’ve learned anything from past team competitions its this: Never underestimate the underdog … and don’t count your money while you’re sitting at the table (or maybe that was from a Kenny Rogers song).  ANYWAY … detailed points analysis can be found below:

Individual Scoring for 18.1 (3pts for every Top 3 Finish):

Women’s Rx

  1. Addison DesRosiers – Unicorns
  2. Sarah Fallon -Phantoms
  3. Meghan Mahoney -Unicorns

Men’s Rx

  1. Bryce McKenzie – Phantoms
  2. Nick Stratton – Schwarzenegger’s Biceps
  3. Geoff Turke – Team Maya

Women’s Scaled

  1. Lisa Borgatti – Unicorns
  2. Andrea Moore Dickinson – Team Maya
  3. Carrie Denley – Schwarzenegger’s Biceps

Men’s Scaled

  1. Colin Gibney -Phantoms
  2. Jeff Jbara – Unicorns
  3. Tom Andruskevich – Unicorns

Team Scoring for 18.1 (1pt for each person who logged their score):

17 Points each for Unicorns/Phantoms/Biceps

14 Points for Team Maya

*note: 1 rep of the workout is enough to score a point for your team!  Make sure you log your score each week.


Each week your team captains will nominate a team member, group of members, or entire team for the “Spirit of the Open” Award based on who best exemplifies the community spirit of the Opens.  The commissioner (Danny) will make the final decision.  The award will result in an additional 5 points for that team!

Congratulations Bert McLain for winning the Week One Spirit of the Open Award!


STANDINGS for Week 1:

  1. CFFP Majestic Unicorns: 38 Points (15+17+5)
  2. CFFP Phantoms: 26 Points (9+17)
  3. Schwharzenegger’s Biceps: 25 Points (6+17)
  4. CFFP Team MAYA: 20 Points (6+14)
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