We will be having a BUDDY DAY on Tuesday April 23rd.  All Classes that day will be open for our members to bring a friend so they can check out Full Potential.

Our next on-ramp will begin Monday April 29th so once your friends have had a taste of what we do it will be super convenient for them to get started and become part of our community.


If you haven’t already noticed we’ve added a new Events button to our website.  We’ve also separated the WOD blogs.  Check it out!

cffp menu

The drop down under WOD Blogs will take you to our usual WOD Blog for CrossFit WODs or to our NEW Endurance WOD Page for Endurance WODs.  We’ve included all kinds of great info on the NEW Endurance WOD Page, programming, how to incorporate Endurance into your CFFP workout schedule and FAQs.  Look for additions coming soon!


FPE Menu


If you have any events you’d like us to add to either page email the information to melissa@crossfitfullpotential.com



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