Why Sonia??

“she is always super positive to all members in the gym, from the beginner to Charlie Arms.¬† She has worked incredibly hard to improve her own fitness in a very short time period!¬† She is willing to try new things and is not afraid to fail.¬† She attends all the additional offerings of the gym, even if it is just in a supporting role.¬† She represents the community spirit that make Crossfit such a special family to be a part of!” – member nomination email


Sonia Suelen

Day Job: Pharmacist supporting sales team for CVS Health

Hobbies & Other Activities: Cooking, traveling, working with her dogs

Proudest Life Achievement:¬† The level of education and professional career that I have been able to achieve, despite a somewhat rocky start. ¬†You see, I was never much for academics per se (I’m more of a hands-on type). ¬†Despite being intelligent, I actually flunked out of my first year of college‚Ķonly for not applying myself and putting fun before studies. ¬†As I was invited not to return the second year, I got my act together and moved on to a smaller school, then eventually achieved 3 degrees (BS and Doctorate in Pharmacy, as well as my Masters in Business Administration). ¬†This was really life-changing for me and proof that you should never quit on yourself‚Ķno matter your mistakes.

Previous Fitness: TRX, spin, cardio and weights

Why CFFP?: Very welcoming from her first visit on.

First Memorable WOD: FRAN – 3rd WOD at her first affliate, North Shore CrossFit, missed the time cap.

Favorite CrossFit Movement: 100# Press!

Favorite WOD: FIGHT GONE BAD – always lives up to the hype.

What Motivates Her: Energy of other Athletes in class.

Biggest Goal: Strict Pull Up¬† … I’m working on it!

Biggest Challenge: Burpees & Pull Ups

Biggest Improvement: More MOBILITY! I couldn’t squat to parallel or overhead squat 18 months ago!

Advice for New Members:¬†¬† “MOBILIZE – SOCIALIZE – EXERCISE!!”

1) Try‚Ķfail‚Ķlaugh‚Ķrepeat! ¬†It’s easy to get frustrated with failure, or take things too seriously all the time. ¬†If you try, you have already won. ¬†If you fail, that means you tried and gave all you had that day (and you have won). ¬†Laugh at the whiteboard and keep coming back for more.

2)  Come early and often.  Spending a few extra minutes on a new skill or stretching/mobilizing makes for big gains in the long run.  Learn from the great athletes and coaches on how best to practice and improve.

3)  Track and post your scores/times/weights.  Compete with yourself first, but do share your scores with the community.  You never know who next could be inspired to try something they may not otherwise have done.  Share your results with pride…everyone is rooting for you.


Who is Your Superhero?: MELISSA!!¬† Her accomplishments are splendid, and she is always super approachable and helpful.¬† She’s a great role model!

FUN FACT: Sonia claims to be EXTREMELY CLUMSY, even capable of tripping over her own feet!


lola pelletier · April 28, 2015 at 9:32 am

Always a pleasure to see Sonia working out – You inspire me to work a little harder, coach a little better and take the good with the bad. You are Strong and Fierce – Congrats!!

Andrea Moore-Dickison · April 28, 2015 at 2:38 pm

You are so deserving of this Sonia! You are always so positive and very supportive of everyone in the gym. You always give it 100% and I really admire you for that. You rock girl!!!!

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