Ignore the scale! Start smart with an InBody Scan.

Your weight is just a number. Regular scales aren’t able to show you what’s really going on inside your body.Ā 

The InBody Composition Scanner uses bioelectrical impedance to accurately measureĀ your body fat percentage, muscle mass, and water weight. It takes 30 seconds, is non-invasive, and is an invaluable tool in creating a nutritional coaching program that truly addresses your unique physiology.Ā 

The InBody Scan is a quick, easy and precise analysis that provides an objective baseline as you continue your quest to improved health and fitness.

$45 initial InBody Test
  • 15 minute session with a CFFP coach to discuss your results

  • A course of action that will help you reach your goals

  • A progress photo and measurements for before/after comparison (optional)

$75 ComprehensiveĀ Before & After InBody Test
  • All initial scan benefits
  • Two scans you can use at any time
  • Side-by-side comparison report of photos and measurements
    With our private nutritional coaching, you'll learn
    • How to eat based on your goals for weight loss, longevity, and muscle composition
    • Where you store body fat, and why
    • What supplements you need, if any
    • How lifestyle factors impact your health
    • How to time your meals and workouts to optimize your fitness