5-3-1 Press

Last week of the cycle, 5 reps on the first set, 3 reps on the second set and as many reps as possible on the last.  Remember, this is the last week of our third cycle, these weights are going to feel heavy.  Focus on good form and knock out some reps.



Pike Pushups from Box (HSPU if able to do full ROM consecutive)
Hollow Rocks
DB Reverse Suitcase Lunges Left
DB Reverse Suitcase Lunges Right


Goat Work – 10 Minutes


dynamic warm up
15-20 minutes drill work

3-5X 2 mile Time Trial
Work:Recovery 1:2 Recover 2 times as long as it takes to perform 2 mile TT

Mobility: Episode 301: Psoas Flossing and Biker Hips


There is no 5:30pm class on Friday

We are hosting Helming Athletics Strength Training Clinic


Heavy Lifting for Better Running
Sample Pages from Becoming A Supple Leopard by Kelly Starrett
Pre-order information on board in gym or see Kaitlin

Thought for the Day:

“He who has a ‘why’ to live can bear almost any ‘how’.”
– Friedrich Nietzsche

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