Congrats to everyone who participated in this year’s CF Games Open!  After 19.5 I think everyone is happy this one is over.  Great job!!

Cody lets us know how he felt about 19.1

A1) Romanian Deadlift:
5 Sets: 4-6 reps @31X1 pausing 1-inch off floor;
Ascending each set.
A2) Ring Face Pulls: modify to banded face pulls.
12-15 Reps; Rest 2min.
B) Workout of the Day
Performance: E4M for 24min
12 Burpee
12 Wall Ball
12/10 Cal Airbike
Fitness: E4M for 24min
Row 20/15 Cals
15 Pushups
15 Goblet Squats or Air Squats
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