SCORING Summary for Week 5 and Overall Standings:

The CrossFit Games Open wrapped up with 18.5, an historic WOD selected by the people, for the people.  There have been some Opens workouts that were pure evil in the past, and this one ranks up there with the toughest.  It looked okay on paper, but with people pushing further and faster each year, this one was punishing. 

Congrats to Jacqueline Boas of The Phantoms for being awarded the “Spirit of the Open” award for Week 5.  Jacqui was one of our last comptetitors to sign up and wasn’t sure she wanted to do the Opens (we strong-armed her).  She’s been pushing extra hard every week, making tons of progress and breaking through some training plateaus along the way.  She has posted a score in every workout early Friday mornings.  This week, when Jacqui and her husband Gabe heard about our water issues they offered to help immediately and came to the gym early Sunday morning to move equipment and clean for 2 hours.   The help was very much needed and very much appreciated!!   Thanks for all that you do Jacqui (and Gabe too).

The CFFP Majestic Unicorns took 1st place again, nearly sweeping the women’s leaderboard with 5/6 top 3 finishes in the women’s division.  There were no top 3 finishers for the Unicorns in the male division.  Team Maya took 4/6 podium spots in the Men’s Division, with the Phantoms picking up 1 Women’s spot, 2 Men’s spots, and the Spirit of the Open to come in 2nd place for Week 5.  Getting skunked on the podium for week 5 really hurt Schwarzenegger’s Biceps who dropped to 4th place overall in the standings with one week to go.  This week is our bonus week in the  CFFP Open.  Captains will not be competing so that we have an even number of participants on each team:

Overall Scores for Week 5 (Participation+Bonus+Performance):

1.     Majestic Unicorns: 17+15=32

2.     Phantoms: 15+9+5=31

3.     Team Maya: 15+12=27

4.     Schwarzenegger’s Biceps: 15+0=15


1.     Majestic Unicorns: 184

2.     Phantoms: 154

3.     Team Maya: 142

4.     Schwarzenegger’s Biceps: 134

Performance Scores for 18.5

Top 3 Rx Women:

1.     Addison DesRosiers 147 (Unicorns)

2.     Sarah Fallon 80 (Phantoms)

3.     Kathy Woodbury 76 (Unicorns)

Top 3 Scaled Women:

1.     Meg Mahoney 158 (Unicorns)

2.     Angela Walter 140 (Unicorns)

3.     Lisa Borgatti 137 (Unicorns)

Top 3 Rx Men:

1.     Geoff Turke 111 (Maya)

2.     Bryce McKenzie 106 (Phantoms)

Kevin Pessolano 106 (Maya)

Top 3 Scaled Men:

1.     Colin Gibney (Phantoms)

2.     Colin Carpenter (Maya)

3.     Mike Hickey (Maya)


Image Courtesy of Sarah Dugan / Sarah Marie Studios



18.6 is a special bonus week to wrap up our Open Season as a community.  This workout will be different than any workout the Opens have ever seen … it will be a Team Workout, because for Full Potential the 2018 Opens was a TEAM event.  The workout will be all levels … no level of scaling will be eligible for a score.  Partners must be from the same team, but can be same sex or co-ed.  The TOP 6 partner-teams will get 6 points each for their team this week, so there are 36 points available, like each of the previous weeks.  Participation points will include a bonus for partner-teams since the challenge of completing the workout with a partner is added in:

3 Points for Each Partner-Team that submits a score

1 Point for Each Individual that submits a score

18.6 is:

As Many Points as Possible in 16minutes.  

Partner A will complete :50 of Max Points while Partner B rests.  There will be :10 to transition.  Each partner will complete two :50 attempts at each station (4 minutes total) before moving on to the next station.  Starting positions will vary, and will be assigned by the coach on the floor, but if you start on Station A, you will finish on D.  If you start on Station C, you will then move to D, A, and finish on B.

Station A: Max Row Cals

Station B: Max Burpees

Station C: Max Air Bike Cals

Station D: Max Weighted Situps (20/10)

*If completing the workout individually, you could partner with someone from another team or approach the workout with an invisible partner.  Your score will not be eligible for the leaderboard but you will still get a participation point.

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