Bring as many friends as you want, each friend can come once a week for the whole month!!

When a friend signs up both the member and the friend win!!

Friend signs up for:
    3months: $50 bill credit  for member friend gets $50 off onramp
    6months: $75 bill credit for member friend gets free onramp
    12months: $100 bill credit for member friend gets free onramp and $50 off last month


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Good Reading for the Week

Busy is a Sickness

How to Squat with Long Limbs


Thought for the Day:

“We love status. We want pins and medallions on our jackets. We want power and prestige in our titles. We want to be acknowledge, recognized, and praised. It’s too bad all of those make for hollow leaders. Great teams require great teammates. Nowhere is that more true that at the top. No leader ever became worse by thinking about their teammates more.” ~ James Clear

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