WOD for Monday January 14th:


5-3-1 Press

Weights are posted on the wall over the bumpers

1 set is 3 reps

2nd set is 3 reps

last set is as many reps as possible

Please let the coach know the # of reps and weight on your last set


3 rounds

1 Min/ station

KB Swings
Double Unders
Toes through Rings

Thought for the Day:

Tap into the abundant resources around you.
When you adopt an attitude that life owes you something you set yourself up for frustration and unhappiness.  Realize instead that life has already provided you with a world filled with abundance, and that creating meaningful value out of this abundance is up to you.
No matter who you are, where you’re from, or what your socioeconomic status is, a life of fulfillment requires commitment and effort from you.  It is through positive, productive choices that you line up life’s abundance in ways that uniquely express your personal dreams and values.

Mark & Angel Hack Life

Mo K

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