July 26th

This seminar will teach the finer points of the muscle-up and will provide the attendees with a number of drills and techniques to master the muscle-up.  Those who already have muscle-ups will improve efficiency through the movement, with a goal of more consecutive reps to improve workouts that include this high skill/technique movement.

Attendees who do not have muscle-ups can hope to get that coveted FIRST muscle-up!!

Requirements: 5 Strict pullups (consecutive) + 5 Strict Dips (consecutive)
No Kipping, No exceptions

Coached by:
Geoff Turke (Head Coach CFFP)

Jack Barry (Red Line sponsored athlete, 37th place in the 2015 GrossFit Games Open, Northeast)

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Thought for the Day:

Great minds discuss ideas; Average minds discuss events; Small minds discuss people ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

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