CrossFit Games OPENS are HERE

Click below to register for the CF Games OPENS … everyone can do this … 9am Saturday mornings we’ll do it as a team. If you’ve never done the Open before, now is the time!!

CrossFit Open Explained and REGISTRATION LINK



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Thought for the Day:

You don’t choose not to compete because you’re not going to win – or because you think you can’t. Pride shouldn’t even enter into it. The only pride you need or should have in CrossFit is in your work ethic and your effort. Those things shine like a blazing beacon through the fog, and are all that matters in CrossFit. That’s what makes CrossFit so unique. They are the reason and the reward for competing. It’s those two qualities that make the stars of a CrossFit competition; often, it’s someone who’s far from the podium.– Kevin Daigle, in Perspective

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