Whole30 Contest Winners:

3rd Place:

Tim  ($50 credit toward wash & cut at Skyy Salon & Spa)

-Lost 12 1/2 lbs.

“One week into it I was already sleeping better, waking up refreshed, and even more excited to hit the WOD.”


2nd Place:

Deb (Gift Card to Elements Massage for a 55-minute massage)

-Lost 13 lbs.

“I feel great … I’m not exhausted at 3pm … I feel stronger, more empowered.”


1st Place:

Ty (Free Month of Unlimited Training at CrossFit Full Potential)

-Lost 14 1/2 lbs.

“My body was burning fat in areas I have always had challenges with, like my stomach and legs, without losing muscle like in past diets.  I was amazed at how much different I felt in such a short amount of time.”


Everyone who completed the 30 days had incredible results and was close to the top 3.  A few consolation prizes may be in order.

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