Where Were You Guys??

Wondering where your head coaches have been?

As coaches, we take our profession very seriously, and every year we take some time outside of the gym to take courses and hone our craft.  This week, Coach Geoff and I spent five days with James Fitzgerald, completing the second and third module of the OPEX Coaching Certificate Program.  James was the first CrossFit Games champion, is the owner (and an athlete) of the Phoenix Rise NPGL team, and coach to several elite athletes at OPEX HQ.  He is truly the best of the best.


Elements of our programming have been inspired by the OPEX system for a couple years.  I hired an OPEX coach to program my own personal workouts about two years ago, and Geoff and CJ have been following OPEX programming consistently for well over a year now.  The programming at Full Potential has been and continues to be geared directly toward our clients, based on what we’ve learned from our own training with CrossFit, OPEX, Powerlifting, Endurance sport, Olympic Weightlifting, and so on.  This year marks my tenth year of training fitness clients, and every year I’m blown away by how much more there is to learn. As athletes, we hope you have the same passion to continue to learn and grow!


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