Wendler 5-3-1 aka CFFP Gets Strong!

This week we are starting a three month strength cycle to build our engines up over the winter.  Come spring we will be back outside sprinting and building endurance.  Until then, lets get STRONG!

Jim Wendler’s 5-3-1 Method is a great way to build strength, while staying lean and athletic.  This program will NOT bulk you up … but it WILL get you STRONG LIKE BULL.

If you want to understand the system, please read the following article:



Here’s what you NEED TO DO:


1. Complete the CrossFit Total, 1RM Back Squat, Press and Deadlift and determine your max weighted pull up (or smallest band necessary).  Yep, most of you did this over the last few weeks so step 1 is done!

2. Your “training max” is 90% of your 1RM.  All percentages in this program will be based off of your training max rather than your actual max.  Sound strange?  Okay, now get over it and realize that this program works if you do it right.  To make it easier for you, we’ve calculated out the weight for each of your lifts each week.

3. Come Prepared: The lift schedule for the first month is attached below.  Come to class prepared to work hard. The coaches will give you your weights for the day and you get to work.  GO HARD and push, pull and squat the **** out of the bar.    You are a beast!

4. We’ve set a priority for lifts.  Deadlift, back squat, press and pull up.  If you miss a lift and it has a higher priority than the lift scheduled for the day, you make up the higher priority lift.  You can complete a second lift after class if you’re not disrupting another class or program.  Once you’re warm, the sets go pretty quickly.  If you can’t make it in to the gym, email melissa@crossfitfullpotential.com for your numbers and make it up in your basement, Planet Fatness, Latitudes, or wherever you can get a hold of a barbell.  If not, open gym on Tuesday nights, Thursday mornings and Saturday mornings will be make up sessions for getting your lifts in.  All members should get ALL three lifts and a pull up session in EVERY week.  Make sure you report your max reps on the last set to the coach during class.  If you make up the list outside of the gym…email your numbers to melissa@crossfitfullpotential.com.

5. The last set in each strength workout is for max reps.  Its also where the magic happens.  Get it done on that last set.  You are an animal!

At the end of each cycle we will increase our training maxes, usually by 5 pounds for our pull up and press, and 10 pounds for our squat and deadlift.  We will review the # of  reps you got on the last set of each lift each week to determine the appropriate increase for you…don’t second guess us!  We will not re-test our actual one-rep-max until the In-house Weightlifting competition at the end of March when we have completed three cycles of 5-3-1.

Please, no wait… PLEASE resist the urge to lift a weight different than what we have calculated for you.  This includes going 5-10 pounds heavier or lighter because that is what the person you are lifting with is doing.  It may seem light at the beginning.  That is part of the program, hit the Max reps HARD!!!  On this program, or any program, CLOSE IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH!  Allow the program to work for you!


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